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We at Baker’s Bite India, are premium Biscuits, Cakes, Cookies & Rusks manufacturer, with International quality standards. Our techniques and know hows for our range of products is extremely innovative and which makes us most favorable among our clients. Top quality is our first priority in our approach. quality at Baker’s Bite India starts with the raw material that we do our best to source from the industry.

We produce exclusively under complete surveillance in order to guarantee our impeccably high standards. Our products not only taste good but also serves as sweet treats for parties. This also makes us among the best & most favored for the industry of Biscuits and Bakery manufacturers across India.


To be amongst top 10 Biscuits and Bakery brands in India and select countries of the world.


To be amongst the top 50 Biscuits and Bakery brands in India and have a strong presence in a few markets overseas by 2025. We shall achieve this by providing wider range of innovative products, expanding multichannel distribution networks, developing modern IT infrastructure, organization building and brand building.

We do this so that everyone enjoys our tasty, energizing and delightful products that spread love, happiness and enhance relationships.


Passion, Trustworthiness, Innovation, Commitment, Excellence, Relationship, Ethics and Aaj-Abhi-Isi-Waqt.