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Best Top

Baker’s Bite Choco Cream Biscuits

Cream filled biscuits are a childhood favourite for all. However, there is no age to lick the cream filled magic of Choco Mazaa. Rich in taste and quality, it comes with a durable packaging to keep the product safe and edible for a longer shelf time. Take a big bite or just lick the cream, you can enjoy Choco Mazaa in many ways than one.

Two pieces of Biscuits with chocolate flavoured cream in between makes the Baker’s Bite Choco cream sinfully tempting.


Baker’s Bite Orange Cream Biscuits

The pleasure of savouring your favourite cream filled biscuits is out of the world. This emotion is rightfully carried by our cream biscuits. Rich in taste and quality, it comes with a durable packaging to keep the product safe and edible for a longer shelf life. Orange flavoured creamy temptations sandwiched between crispy, flavoured shells. Baker’s Bite Orange Cream is out of the world.


Baker’s Bite Bindass Marie Biscuits

The early morning tea is best enjoyed with Baker’s Bite Bindass Marie biscuit. By dipping a Marie into a hot cup of tea, experience a special moment every time. Each bite will be crispy and light. This makes it the most favourite in biscuit category and liked by all generations. With butter or jam, Baker’s Bite Marie is also a nutritious meal for a kid’s school tiffin. With Zero trans-fat and zero cholesterol, this traditional biscuit is a healthy treat for the entire family.

Packaging Availability – 200g, 110g & 55g


Baker’s Bite Glucose Biscuits

Enthusiasm, Liveliness and Energy . Filled with Glucose, the biscuit variety stands for its name. Tiffin or Snacks, a bite of Baker’s Bite Glucose just makes your energy refill. A great tasty crunchy biscuit rich in glucose that provides instant energy to the body.

Product Packaging Availability- 40g


Baker’s Bite Best Top Biscuit

Long-lasting relationships grow with trust when a bit of salt is added to it. And when it comes to meal, the salty butterly snack Best Top is a must for all salty biscuit lovers. The perfect crunchy snack for those ‘in-between meal’ hunger.The flagship brand for Baker's Bite,is one of our tastiest variant and favourite among all generations.

Product Packaging Availability: 200 g & 100 g